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Aeyeswin ophthalmic equipment's into NEXT GENERATION INNOVATION in optical superiority and efficient diagnostic accomplishment in eye evaluation.

Zero tolerance accuracy and superior image is thumb rule for examining ophthalmic devices.

Lenses, mirrors and lamps are intellectual component system in attaining the world ophthalmic standards, which is concentrated by Aeyeswin for your best choice..

Protocol rules and adoptability in instruments are well tuned in exactness at clarity and accuracy

Alteration in coincide differences and simultaneous desired fit", Technology emerge to invite a superior stereoscopic fundus images and evaluate complex dimension of pupil down to 1 mm.



MAGNIFICATION OF PUPIL DIMENSION                                            VEGA99 Maximise views in all pupil with optical adjustments. The exclusive "ALTERATION IN COINCIDE DIFFERENCES AND SIMULTANEOUS DESIRED FIT" allows pupil views ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm.

FREE FROM FUNGAS                                                                         Guaranteed fungus free, Build in and fixing of optics on a aluminium frame make VEGA99 cost free and durable.

PLUGGED HEADBAND                                                                           VEGA99 inside rechargeable Battery. More than 8 Hours of on time with LED illumination. Minimum 2 hours on time depends on control in brightness. Quick 2 Hours recharge. Charge status monitoring.

ERGONOMICS & POSITIONING                                                            Designed headband of the VEGA99 outputs a balanced and facilitated state. Regulated fit and intellectual operations allows a ergonomic positioning in Height, Distance and Angle.

SPAN OF LIFE                                                                                            VEGA99 futuristic LED and elite materials produces a quality working style of life. More operating hours makes long lasted rechargeable battery. Rotation in charging cycles reduced.

AREA OF VIEW                                                                                                  For optimal area of view , Operational fixation of retina and a distraction free illumination is mandatory. VEGA99 ILLUMINATION SYSTEM & OPTICS are in world standards.

ADJUSTING IN BRIGHTNESS                                                              VEGA99 Rheostat displays the important features of LED protocols, outperforms in brightness control.

WORK WITH EASE                                                                                  Objective of VEGA99 is Headband Usage . Easy fixation with 100% comfort ability and absence of NECK PAIN.

SYSTEM OF INTERACTION                                                                             Top –Bottom-Up system in headband facilitates optics movement without adjustment settings for a INTERACTION with patients. VEGA99 RHEOSTAT fixed in left or right side of the INDIRECT OPTHALMOSCOPE for controlling brightness without hassle free.

ADOPTABLE TO WORK SITUATION                                                                Schools , Training and Practicing or Hospitals adaptable to any situation because of its mobility in source of power and its completeness.

LIGHITING AND ADOPTABILITY                                                                    VEGA99 diffuser three spot sizes interrelated along with three filters YELLOW, RED and COBALT BLUE.



Red Free - This filter is used to examine blood vessels in fine detail, By filtering out the red light blood vessels are silhouetted against a green background.

Cobalt Blue – This filter is used with fluorescein for angiography                                                                                                                                  

Large Aperture – ldeal when examining fully dilated pupils.                                                                                                                                                                

Intermediate – Ideal for children and sensitive patients.                                                                                                                                                   

Small Aperture – Ideal for undilated pupils.                                                                                                                                                                 




LARGE PUPIL - The optics are divided while visioning through a big fully dilated pupil. Maximised stereopsis achieved by upper side of light support.                 


INTERMEDIATE PUPIL - Maximised stereopsis results by looking optics and light sources in a mid-position.                                                                          


SMALLPUPIL - Optics and light source meets at a point to permit us to look, The retina by the smallest pupils viewed together in different angles, Creating an impression of depth and solidity.




Illumination :

Illumination Control :

Filters :

Aperture :

Weight :

Battery Backup :

Battery Charging Time :

Battery Infication :

Focus Distance :

Inter Kpupillary distance :

Field :

Illumination area :

illumination spot size :


NO/OFF, Linear variation low to High

Heat absorbing, Green, Cobalt blue&Yellow

Small, Mediam & Large


More than 8 hrs

Less than 2hrs

LED & Buzzer on indirect

200mm to 800mm

49mm to 75mm

Good, Clear circular

Ø75mm,Ø55mm,Ø20mm(at the distance 500mm)




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